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History of Breakdancing/Bboying

Flare Windmill Breakdancing seems so different from all other kinds of dancing that the first question people ask when they see it is: « Where did these kids learn to dance like that? » To many people, this dance seems to have come out of nowhere. But like everything else, Breakdance did come from somewhere, something and someone. In the case of Breakdancing, that someone is the great superstar, James Brown, and the something is the dance, the Good Foot. In 1969, when James Brown was getting down with his big hit « Get on the Good Foot » the Hustle was the big dance style of the day. If you’ve ever seen James Brown live in concert or on TV, then you know he can really get down. And when he preformed his hit, he did the kind of dance you’d expect James Brown to do. High Energy. This almost acrobatic dance was appropriately enough known as the lot of kids around New York City.

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